virtual office & collaboration solution

Virtual Office & Collaboration solutions are revolutionising the office workplace, because they are essentially an extension of the physical workplace – or are the modern workplace. They help to establish a ‘HUB’ of project management and collaboration, allowing internal teams to communicate and work together and also involving external clients to come in and collaborate on projects.

Advantages of Virtual Office & Collaboration

  • Eliminate costly office set-up expenses and business overheads
  • Be more responsive to clients’ requirements with better collaboration tools
  • Work, communicate and coordinate with teams located anywhere in the world
  • Easy sharing and access to files and data – anytime, anywhere
  • Handle better business volumes
  • Amazing project management of your projects & tasks
  • Central based data design – your business data all stays in one place forever, with the convenience of email notifications to all parties

How Can We Help?

breeze solutions offers you its robust activeCollab software to help you run a virtual office with off-site teams located just about anywhere in the world. This software helps you leverage superior collaboration functionalities such as data sharing, messaging, conferencing and calendars and allows full access to files and knowledge database anytime, anywhere.

Our trained professionals help you set-up, support and upgrade the virtual collaboration software and also train your employees to use it. We also provide prompt technical assistance to troubleshoot problems and eliminate business downtime. This helps you to keep ‘everybody together under a single roof’, irrespective of geographical locations and time zones, increase operational efficiency and handle more business volume – without spending a bomb on running multiple offices or maintaining a full-fledged brick-and-mortar workplace!

We also offer ‘cloud based hosting’ for this system, with proper SLA’s guaranteeing uptime for your business.